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Cannabis Karma is excited to be back with our monthly grow 🌱 workshop! Calling all growers and grower enthusiasts! 🧐 Join us in store the 1st Saturday’s monthly from 2pm – 4pm for our Grow 🌱 with Cannabis Karma workshop. As taught by a Master Grower.
Robby Adams is back and excited to be teaching 🤓
Our 🏆Master Grower🏆
will cover:
• Growing 101
• Transplanting
• Cloning
• Seed germination
• Nutrients/Lighting
• Growing CBD/Hemp
Join us Cannabis Lovers 2nd Thursday of every month for our monthly Mary Jay Party! The Mary Jay Party is a unique opportunity to consult with Cannabis Karma in person and ask questions. 🧐hosted today in store 6 pm- 9pm 🍃This week we’ll feature #rollwithcannabiskarma where we’ll learn how to roll flowers. Complementary flowers and rolling supplies provided. 🍃
#backwoods #rawlife #bambu
What is Cannabis tincture? What is Cannabis oil? Want to try an edible but unsure of the dose? To Dab or not to Dab? Is Cannabis tea an option? Is CBD the remedy?
#cannabistherapy #cannabiscurious 🍃
Join us the 3rd Saturday monthly from 2 PM – 4PM for our FREE monthly CBD 101 workshop. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about CBD and Cannabis🌱 therapy as an alternative medicine. Learn about your Endocannabinoid system. Ask questions 🧐?? We promote #plantbased healing ideas. 🍃
CBD 101 sponsored by
In early morning slumber you awaken to the smell of Autumn 🍂to the smell of delicious 🥞Chicken & Waffles w/HiTea !! 🥞Join Cannabis Karma the last Saturday for our monthly Elevated Brunch.🍃 Chicken Catered by Ohhhs & Ahh’s